Koi Fish

Eastern Iowa Aquarium Association Fish Auction

Info from their website:

********Spring Tropical Fish Auction, Sunday April 19, 2009********
EIAA Spring Tropical Fish Auction is one month away!!Click on Auctions at the top of the home page to read about it

Location: El Kahir Shrine Embassy Club, 1400 Blairs Ferry Rd, NE, on the corner of Council and Blairs Ferry Rd., NE, Cedar Rapids, IA. Coming from I-80 going north on I-380, take the 24B exit for Blairs Ferry Road, keep to the right. Click on "read more" (below) to see the link for the map.

Viewing begins at 10:30 am, Auction starts at 12:00 NOON


new pond

Here are some pictures I forgot to post of my new baby.    I started digging in the fall then winter came and the ground froze.  I had to finish digging it this spring.  Its 13 foot wide by 17 foot long by 4 foot deep in one end and almost a foot deep in the other. Its not done yet  I still need a whole lot of rocks to cover the liner and do some trim work  and work on the water fall.       









And a picture of the water fall I had before I decided to put in a stream.

foam and bacteria

              I have a question,  Has any one ever used the foam thats simular to the stuff you would find in couch cushion in a bio filter ?   
 A friend of mine said it would be toxic but she said thats if you burn it.   The foam is  very porous and I figured it would be a great place for benificial bacteria to live.     

Also another question    Has anyone every used septic tank bacteria and enzymes in a pond? Someone told me it would work and it would eat the debris off the bottom of the pond the leaves I cant get to. 

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Confused Little Fishies

We're having a rare rainy morning here in Aurora, CO.  When I woke up this morning, it was not yet raining at our house, but as I was in the bathroom performing my morning routine, I heard the drops begin to fall.

So on my way out of the bathroom, as I do most mornings, I paused to look out the window and down at the koi pond.

Then I had to laugh.

You see, the fishies were all clustered in the section of the shallow end of the pond where "food falls from the sky," (i.e., we feed them), performing the Feed The Starving Fishies Dance.  Well, after all, something was falling from the sky, and since mostly what falls from the sky is food, well...they were just sure that if they swam around enthusiastically enough, eventually there would be food...

Poor disappointed little fishies!
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Now let me know if im just crazy

So i was thinking of getting a large pot and placing a water tolerant species of willow in it and placing it in my pond. now i know some disadvantages would be, its going to be/get heavy, it will become root bound, the leaves will cause mild pollution to the pond.

I think it could also help in removing nutrients from the pond, it would look STUNNING, and i own a pool so trust me when i say I'm willing to do daily skimmings. I figure I'd ask these questions now before I'm done digging so i can make accommodations as needed.

Quick update and question on upgrading pond equipment

I will be moving- but looking to go later in the summer. No definate timeframe yet. So I'm working on getting the yard and house in order. Part of that- includes fixing/upgrading the pond.

It still has a big hole in the bottom of the liner- which is too ragged to patch without taking it out. Its not a great liner, so its getting replaced. Since I will already doing that- I'm looking for advice on other new equipment, which are the most necessary peices, and best places to purchase either commercial or on-line: (good prices, good customer service...)

If you could start your own pond over from scratch- what would you do differently? What would you add? Subtract? Different products? Have you had bad luck with certain products or companies?

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winter pond pictures and pond digging


This is my pond in the winter its very boring and theres alot of stuff I need to get rid of around it and finish putting the pea gravel around it.  


A closer look, its so green I  dont know if it was due to the couple of warm days we had or due to the electric current it had running through it from the defective de-icer. 


Bio filter and increased water flow I added another 330 gallon per hour pump so now its 660 gallon an hour in a 625 gallon pond. 



I started this in the fall didnt get done before the ground froze. I have been digging it by hand its 13 by 17 by 5 foot deep at its deepest 3 foot deep in the middle and 1 foot deep in the shallow end.  


Well it holds water its not supposed to yet.  


Another angle  it will be done by spring well maybe end of spring start of summer. I hope, wish I had some help lol

defective pond de-icer

I have a question, how much electricity does it take to kill off everything in the pond?   I was getting out some leaves  and when I stuck my hand in the water it shocked me pretty good like sticking your finger in a light socket.  I unpluged the de-icer and pull it out of the water the element is all cracked open and exposed.  Does any one know what could cause that to happen ?   The pond is green and theres stray cats so if they floated to the top they would have got eaten  and I wouldnt know I havent been home for a week.   Hope all my fish didnt die  thank you  for any advice 


Pond Mist effects

 Patio misting systems are a great way add spectacluar fog effects to ponds and water features. They also keep them cool and chase awy mosquitoes. Check out patio misting systems where I found them, and just study up on them a little bit. They are an investment, but I found it to be worth it.